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Голоса: 0 | Продолжительность mp3: 04:00 | Добавлено: 2016-10-13 | Музыкант: Can't stop won't stop

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Jump Back, uh boy kiss yo bad self
Can't Stop Won't Stop, it's the top shelf
Top dolla - all balla
your mind so blown your skull become holla
Now if you like this funk, Then put yo name on it
it's like buzzards when it stunk they get all up on it
And we bringin it here, the purpose is clear
slap that stank down hard on your earhole, made whole
every soul is our goal and i'm on a roll, son
uh huh, uh huh the tardy bell has rung
can't stop won't stop - won't stop singin it
can't stop won't stop - won't stop bringin it
we the funkiest ones under the sun
MC's beg under the table for crumbs
Hip Hop thermometer under my tongue
reads fresh hundred and 1,2, 93
until infinity, it's most certainly
an unstoppable force, straight from the source
we gold- tooth grinnin when we hit the floor

We gonna bring the funk
I said enough's enough
and if your funk is up you better pass the buck
the funk will ride when the ride get's rough
you gotta huck the buff
you gotta strut yo stuff
and if your funk is up you better pass the buck
the funk will rise when it's hot enough

Now we snack cheese like we get grain-like
Fresh outta breath like a breathing apparatus-like
MC's, enemies gettin Oh so queasy
Girls get ditsy when they come down to see us
Because in us we trust, to bust another a plus
and this show is a must
and No we ain't no bust with so much bucks
and all you bee money honeys can bite the dust
So get encrusted by the refuse of your gimmicks
We entrusted to take it to the very limits
And we bust it, and you're scared cuz it's on
like you're staring straight into the teeth of a mastodon
Boss- Yeah that's what we are
So you can bite the style but you can't jock the gnar gnar
Cars girls and lotsa bling
Read auto-tune for dummies and you learned how to sing


The truth is self-evident, we bomb just like our president
we ain't pent up, take that mental metamucil
Utterly irrefutable, rhymes ain't reusable
lyrically we keep it clean for the children so it's suitable
Now we're so fresh we're goin agrarian
Ain't that better than vegetarian?
Shine so bright we need our own planetarium
Biggest fish in the hip hop aquarium.

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